Tips for Prospective Runners

If you're not a runner, the idea of becoming one can be intimidating. After all, it means regularly devoting time to a form of exercise that can be pretty strenuous if you don't do it right. There are some important things to know and do before you start running, to make the process easier on yourself and increase the likelihood that you'll stick with it.

First, shoes are important. You should be sure to get yourself a pair of good running shoes, and to know that your shoe size can increase by a size from running. It's also not a bad idea to consider getting some new socks that are designed for runners, to make your running as easy on your feet as possible. For this purpose, putting lubricant on your heels and between your toes is useful. Petroleum jelly or a similar substance works for this. 

As for the actual running, there are some important things to remember there, too. For one thing, build your distance gradually. Don't set too high a bar for yourself early on, but make sure to increase the distance you're running as you become a more experienced runner. Also, rest days can be helpful, too--it's good to take some time to recover from running and let your muscles build.

When it comes to motivation, there are a few tricks you can keep in mind. One is to join a running group or run with a friend; running can be more fun if you're not doing it by yourself. Another is to create a mantra--a brief phrase to boost your self-esteem that you can repeat a few times before running. It may sound silly, but it's effective. It's also helpful to run regularly, even if you're only running for a brief amount of time. With these tricks, you'll find yourself a regular runner before you know it.

Noah Ashley

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