The Pelotonia Bike Tour

For all those who both enjoy cycling and supporting a good cause, and particularly who are near the Columbus, Ohio area, there's a great opportunity coming up. The Pelotonia bike tour, started in 2008, will be held from August 7th to 9th, in order to raise money for cancer research. The proceeds go to fund cancer research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center--Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute.

Pelotonia offers the choice of six different rides, which can be explored in detail here. The length of the rides varies from 25 miles all the way to 180 miles. The 25 to 100 mile riders finish on Saturday (the same day all riders begin), while 155 mile riders continue on Sunday, after spending the night at Kenyon College. Rest stops happen ever 12 to 20 miles.

There are fundraising commitments, varying by route, but ranging from $1200 to $2200. The Pelotonia website offers the ability to create a profile and solicit donors to help reach these fundraising commitments. For those who want to fundraise but not participate in an actual bike ride, there is also the option of being a Virtual Rider, which entails no fundraising minimum. Every dollar raised goes in full to fund cancer research, all other costs being covered by funding partners. Pelotonia can boast over seven thousand riders.

The amount of training you'd need to do obviously depends on what route you choose. While some routes should be relatively easy even for beginners, the longer routes demand weeks of training, given their length. Anyone who wants to ride one of the longer routes would probably need to commit several hours every week to training for perhaps months in advance, in order to be ready to handle the route. The Pelotonia website has tips to keep in mind while training, as well.

For non-riders, there's also the option of being a volunteer or, of course, donating. All those interested should be sure to visit the website and explore the information there. The Pelotonia is genuinely for a great cause, and provides a good opportunity.

Noah Ashley

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