NavRun Launch

We're happy to inform you that we will soon be releasing a new app, NavRun. The app, includes a number of features to improve your workout experience. NavRun will navigate with NavRoute and allow you to create your own custom route for your workout. You will be able to create a route based on distance and elevation, avoiding the uphill inclines that can unexpectedly make your run harder than you want it to be.

NavRun will not only offer you the ability to properly plan out your workout, but will also help you through it. NavRun will help you stay on route with turn-by-turn voice navigation. You will further be able to track your workout stats and set goals for yourself, to make sure you're staying on track to keep fit. NavRun offers you the possibility of creating your own schedule, as well as analyzing the stats you collect from your workout.

NavRun also has social features, including a feed that will show information on your friends' workouts, and let you share your own info with them. The Trackman feature in the pro version of the app will even let you see a verified friend's workout in realtime! You can further track stats using the local leaderboard, allowing you to compare with others. The NavRun route will offer a whole new experience when working out!

Chris T.

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